My escort journal

The beautiful city of London became home to me ever since I turned 18. Angel is a busty young teen born in London, and ever since, I have always wanted more to life than sitting behind a desk in an office space. I always wanted to be a professional dancer for quite some time and moved to London for my quest. However, things did not go as planned. A friend of mine from the city working with the escort agency I currently work for introduced me to it, and I found it quite perfect for me. I have always loved adventure, and working as an escort has certainly become a career I got mad love for, and my clients’ reviews are outstanding.

Here is a sneak peek of my journal as an escort:

January 23, 2019

My first week at the agency has been okay, except that I am quite anxious for my first ever client request. During this week, I have been up and down, getting things in order and uploading my profile on the agency’s website. My photos are certainly a killer, and I was certain they would come in handy. Today, fortunately, I got picked for a gambling membership escort service and am all jittered up about it. The gentlemen wanted bursty young ladies like me, and I fit the profile perfectly. I had little time to get prepped up, but I had a perfect dress for the event. All of us got matches who we are supposed to keep the company and ensure they have a comfortable stay. My match was quite handsome, and his jawline was a turn on for me.

We got picked in a classy long-stretch limo and met out dates at the casino. I can deny casino gambling was a new thing for me, but I certainly had fun since my date was wining. He also could not keep his eyes off my thick thighs and lips. I bet he wanted to have a taste of me so bad but couldn’t confess to it. After the gamble wins, we had some drinks and quite a chat, and he enjoyed the company. This was an exclusive party with only members invites, and therefore I could not get freaky, but I could certainly feel my couchie yearn for a taste of his meat.

June 30, 2019

After a couple of dates and invites via the escort agency today, I have to write about my encounter. Threesomes have always been on my bucket list, but I never thought it would be such a turn on like what I had today. I was looking forward to my first threesome to be a dude and his girlfriend or something, but that was quite the opposite for my today’s encounter. I got a message from this totally cute lady on my inbox requesting an orgasm moment with me, but the term was we were to make love with her lady too, and I certainly could not say no to it. The pay was worth it, and the two ladies were certainly a turn on.

I met the two in the Tower Suites, and I couldn’t help but notice all the toys on the bed. I knew today was a freaky date for me, and we were about to get quite nasty and freaky. The other lady had a deep voice, and she was a beauty. I first had to freshen up, and on my way to the bathroom, she hit my behind in a sexy way and followed me to it. At this moment, all I could do was breathe deep in intervals, and I could feel how wet I was. She grabbed my waist and kissed me as I took a shower. Her hands were all over every inch of my body, and her girlfriend joined because of how loud I was. They had the best of me, and I certainly had fun at it. After the shower, we headed to the bed, and that’s where all the drama and fun was. With all the toys, tongues, fingers, and kisses, I can certainly confess to multiple orgasms.