How I Fell in Love with an Escort

About six months ago, I was lonely and devastated. Things were going completely wrong at work and home. So I needed something that could calm my mind. After speaking to a friend of mine, he advised me to check London escorts advertisements. Soon I booked an appointment with Cleopatra Escorts agency, and I’ve since then been seeing the same girl regularly.

At first, it was weird as I’ve never been with an escort. It felt like I’m betraying my wife. So when we went to the room, it was quite embarrassing that my penis didn’t erect. However, Lydia, my escort, was very understanding. She said, “Don’t worry, these things happen.” She suggested that we instead talk about general things. We both shared some intimate stuff about our lives. Within a few minutes, we’d known a lot about each other. I felt so comfortable talking with her. It’s like I’d known her for many years.

While I still paid her for the hours we spent, we didn’t do anything besides talking. But, thereafter, I felt relief. It’s like I’d offloaded the baggage that was overwhelming me. As I drove to my home in Paddington, I couldn’t help but think of her. She was pretty and attractive. The image of the black panties, bra, and sexy stockings she wore is still vivid in my mind. Probably it’s because I’ve always questioned how a girl that sexy could stand in front of me without me getting aroused.

After several weeks, I booked another session with Diva. This time, I came prepared. I’d watched some porn in advance and carried enough lube with me. So by the time we went to the room, my penis was already aroused. But, a strange thing happened. Instead of her pleasing me, I found myself pleasing her. She allowed me to kiss and touch her everywhere, which gave me satisfaction. After our sessions, we talked a bit, and she gave me her number but made it clear that it was strictly for business.

Since then, whenever I wanted her services, I could just text her to schedule an appointment for me. This continued for some time and I found myself going to east London every week to see Diva. It didn’t occur to me that I was slowly falling in love with this girl until one day, I decided to pop up to the parlor without scheduling an appointment, only to be told that she was with another client. I patiently waited for their session to end and after approximately thirty minutes, she came to the reception with a young good looking man who was the client. This made me so jealous. I felt betrayed, but it didn’t matter as she was ready to accommodate me.

Once we were in the room, she wanted to go straight to business. However, this time I only wanted to talk, which she was okay with until I confessed my feelings. Diva’s face and attitude changed. She wore her robe back and angrily said “I don’t date or have relationships with my clients.” Then she walked out of the room. I’ve never felt more embarrassed. However, I gathered my courage, paid for the session, and drove straight home.

That was two weeks ago. We’ve never talked since then but, I honestly love this girl and wish that we could have met under different circumstances. I’ve tried different parlors just to get these feelings I’m having for her disappear by seeing another woman, but it’s not working. However, as she doesn’t want to be exclusive, I’ll probably have to find a way of suppressing these feelings.