It’s My Turn

The last year has been so exciting. I have been able to work in the most glamorous places like Dubai, New York, and Moscow. I never thought in a million years that I would be photographed by world famous photographers. The first time I saw my photo in a magazine, I nearly fainted. I really should be grateful to my mother. I inherited her good looks and she taught me how to make the most of them too. 

When I came to London a few years ago with dreams of a career as a model, I had never imagined I would end up working nearly 24/7 as a nanny to some spoiled kids. I was so sick of the job and I did not have time to go to any casting calls or auditions. One night I was messaging with an old friend from back home and she told me about her work as an escort. The next day, I quit my job and joined her at her agency. I love showing off my body and I especially enjoy attention from men, so it was a perfect fit for me. Even better, I could work whenever I wanted to. The generous tips and gifts made it even better.

Now, here I am, back in London, staying at the poshest South Kensington hotel I have ever been in, and the memories are making me horny as hell. I reclined in my big, lonely, king sized bed sipping on some bubbly and suddenly found myself scrolling through the London Escorts Gallery of one of the most reputable escort agencies in London. I had never worked for them, but it seemed the hottest girls from my agency always ended up there.

I absent mindedly stroked myself through my silky knickers as I started imagining what it would be like to make it with one of the girls. I am bisexual and it has been a long time since I have felt the hot mouth of another woman between my legs. I ran my hands up my body and started playing with my nipples, squirming as I felt them respond and stiffen. As I continued to look at the different escorts available that night, I saw one particularly stunning girl, and let out an involuntary moan. She had big natural tits that I just wanted to lick and suck immediately. It was in that moment, I decided that I was going to arrange a date for myself. I had been working hard. I deserved it. 

After I arranged to have her come see me at my hotel later in the evening, I reached down between my legs and could feel how dripping wet I was. Giggling, I hopped out of bed and headed for the huge luxurious bathroom. I wanted to make sure that I smelled delicious for my date. ‘Mustn’t forget to get my strap on out of my suitcase’, I thought to myself, as I poured the bubble bath and watched the steam rise from the tub.

My escort journal

The beautiful city of London became home to me ever since I turned 18. Angel is a busty young teen born in London, and ever since, I have always wanted more to life than sitting behind a desk in an office space. I always wanted to be a professional dancer for quite some time and moved to London for my quest. However, things did not go as planned. A friend of mine from the city working with the escort agency I currently work for introduced me to it, and I found it quite perfect for me. I have always loved adventure, and working as an escort has certainly become a career I got mad love for, and my clients’ reviews are outstanding.

Here is a sneak peek of my journal as an escort:

January 23, 2019

My first week at the agency has been okay, except that I am quite anxious for my first ever client request. During this week, I have been up and down, getting things in order and uploading my profile on the agency’s website. My photos are certainly a killer, and I was certain they would come in handy. Today, fortunately, I got picked for a gambling membership escort service and am all jittered up about it. The gentlemen wanted bursty young ladies like me, and I fit the profile perfectly. I had little time to get prepped up, but I had a perfect dress for the event. All of us got matches who we are supposed to keep the company and ensure they have a comfortable stay. My match was quite handsome, and his jawline was a turn on for me.

We got picked in a classy long-stretch limo and met out dates at the casino. I can deny casino gambling was a new thing for me, but I certainly had fun since my date was wining. He also could not keep his eyes off my thick thighs and lips. I bet he wanted to have a taste of me so bad but couldn’t confess to it. After the gamble wins, we had some drinks and quite a chat, and he enjoyed the company. This was an exclusive party with only members invites, and therefore I could not get freaky, but I could certainly feel my couchie yearn for a taste of his meat.

June 30, 2019

After a couple of dates and invites via the escort agency today, I have to write about my encounter. Threesomes have always been on my bucket list, but I never thought it would be such a turn on like what I had today. I was looking forward to my first threesome to be a dude and his girlfriend or something, but that was quite the opposite for my today’s encounter. I got a message from this totally cute lady on my inbox requesting an orgasm moment with me, but the term was we were to make love with her lady too, and I certainly could not say no to it. The pay was worth it, and the two ladies were certainly a turn on.

I met the two in the Tower Suites, and I couldn’t help but notice all the toys on the bed. I knew today was a freaky date for me, and we were about to get quite nasty and freaky. The other lady had a deep voice, and she was a beauty. I first had to freshen up, and on my way to the bathroom, she hit my behind in a sexy way and followed me to it. At this moment, all I could do was breathe deep in intervals, and I could feel how wet I was. She grabbed my waist and kissed me as I took a shower. Her hands were all over every inch of my body, and her girlfriend joined because of how loud I was. They had the best of me, and I certainly had fun at it. After the shower, we headed to the bed, and that’s where all the drama and fun was. With all the toys, tongues, fingers, and kisses, I can certainly confess to multiple orgasms.

How I Fell in Love with an Escort

About six months ago, I was lonely and devastated. Things were going completely wrong at work and home. So I needed something that could calm my mind. After speaking to a friend of mine, he advised me to check London escorts advertisements. Soon I booked an appointment with Cleopatra Escorts agency, and I’ve since then been seeing the same girl regularly.

At first, it was weird as I’ve never been with an escort. It felt like I’m betraying my wife. So when we went to the room, it was quite embarrassing that my penis didn’t erect. However, Lydia, my escort, was very understanding. She said, “Don’t worry, these things happen.” She suggested that we instead talk about general things. We both shared some intimate stuff about our lives. Within a few minutes, we’d known a lot about each other. I felt so comfortable talking with her. It’s like I’d known her for many years.

While I still paid her for the hours we spent, we didn’t do anything besides talking. But, thereafter, I felt relief. It’s like I’d offloaded the baggage that was overwhelming me. As I drove to my home in Paddington, I couldn’t help but think of her. She was pretty and attractive. The image of the black panties, bra, and sexy stockings she wore is still vivid in my mind. Probably it’s because I’ve always questioned how a girl that sexy could stand in front of me without me getting aroused.

After several weeks, I booked another session with Diva. This time, I came prepared. I’d watched some porn in advance and carried enough lube with me. So by the time we went to the room, my penis was already aroused. But, a strange thing happened. Instead of her pleasing me, I found myself pleasing her. She allowed me to kiss and touch her everywhere, which gave me satisfaction. After our sessions, we talked a bit, and she gave me her number but made it clear that it was strictly for business.

Since then, whenever I wanted her services, I could just text her to schedule an appointment for me. This continued for some time and I found myself going to east London every week to see Diva. It didn’t occur to me that I was slowly falling in love with this girl until one day, I decided to pop up to the parlor without scheduling an appointment, only to be told that she was with another client. I patiently waited for their session to end and after approximately thirty minutes, she came to the reception with a young good looking man who was the client. This made me so jealous. I felt betrayed, but it didn’t matter as she was ready to accommodate me.

Once we were in the room, she wanted to go straight to business. However, this time I only wanted to talk, which she was okay with until I confessed my feelings. Diva’s face and attitude changed. She wore her robe back and angrily said “I don’t date or have relationships with my clients.” Then she walked out of the room. I’ve never felt more embarrassed. However, I gathered my courage, paid for the session, and drove straight home.

That was two weeks ago. We’ve never talked since then but, I honestly love this girl and wish that we could have met under different circumstances. I’ve tried different parlors just to get these feelings I’m having for her disappear by seeing another woman, but it’s not working. However, as she doesn’t want to be exclusive, I’ll probably have to find a way of suppressing these feelings.

London escort Services

Over the years, the need for female companionship has increased immensely. London is among the most popular places in the world has not been left behind, and in the last ten years, the escort service field has experienced drastic growth. It has risen to become the center for world escort bookings. Escort services have more options than ever before; they range from high class, professional, cheap, and expensive escorts.

There has been a surge in the number of agencies that provide these services. Over the past ten years, London has experienced an increased need for escorts; these have been caused by the knowledge of the benefits associated with guards. Unlike previously, where escorts were regarded as prostitutes today, escorts have been known to provide an unforgettable experience. They go a long way in boosting an individual’s professional and also personal life.

The internet has made it much simpler to access the services of an escort. Today, an agency will have its web page where interested parties can access them by signing up. And parallel from common belief, there are male escorts as well. Escorts are usually sorted for different reasons. You may get an escort to satisfy the deepest and innermost desires, typically sexual. Others seek their services for the company and compliment them during a business meeting or a casual date.

Some of the most reputable escort agencies include:

1. Kensington Escort agency

If you want your innermost desires to be completely satisfied by some of the most beautiful and attractive ladies, you should try out the Kensington agency. They offer you a wide range of girls to choose from, whether your preference is brunettes, blondes or Latinas you’ll be sorted out.

The girls are learned, mature, and trained to adjust to the wishes of the client, be it professional or a casual relation.

2. Chelsea Escort Agency

This agency centralizes in offering you the best Chelsea escorts for any client. They are attractive, professional girls that treat the customer like a VIP. These girls ensure that when you choose this agency you will have a specific service that will even surpass your wildest dreams.

Our girls know how to socialize and fit comfortably with any situation just as the client wants.

3. Knightsbridge Escort Agency

The main goal of this agency is to offer professional adult service. The girls are trained to ensure the customer has their innermost desires fulfilled. Girls from this agency are high class and undergo a rigorous selection and training session to assure the client of nothing but the best. All the babes can be viewed on their website so you can choose in the comfort of where you are.

4. Blonde Escort Agency

Want to experience VIP treatment, then the blonde agency is your best bet. They offer a wide range of ladies who are ready to give you a one in a lifetime experience. The girls are trained to fulfill almost all your wants and desires. The selection of girls can be made straight from their website as you sample the ladies.

5. Bayswater Escort Agency

Bayswater presents high-class escorts, and they offer the most beautiful escorts in London. This site is a one-stop-shop for everyone if you’re into busty blondes, brunettes, Latinas, or even redheads. The girls are trained to enjoy all the aspects of their job; they are professional in a way that they can hold conversations and perfect between the sheets. Bayswater escorts offer both incalls and outcalls.

London has a wide range of escorts and escort agencies that will help you make a quick selection. All your desires are catered for; all you have to do is select the perfect girl to do it with.

Things to do in London for the Adventurous You

London is a beautiful place that everyone should come and visit at least once in their lifetime. Whether it is the London eye or the Thames river, there is a lot that you could see in London. More, it is also one of the historical cities in the world that has constantly reinvented itself down the centuries.

If you are new to London, you might be wondering what to do. If you are an adventure lover, you would love to do things a bit differently than other tourists would. While the Opera theatre might be one of the things you would want to visit during your stay there, you sure would want something more. Don’t worry, we have made a list of all the important things that you should be doing while you are in London.

Capital Karts go-karting

This is undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable activities that travellers can engage in. The Kart capital hosts the longest go kart racing tracks in The UK and is something many people including the ones coming with their families tend to.

One can simply strap on the helmets and go against several people are in the race. This is one option that one can look to do as the experience that they would get out of it will simply be unforgettable.

Speeds boat tours

The travellers would simply love speed boating in the Thanes River as they won’t find a better and thrilling way or exploring London. With the adrenal pumping and the splash of water wetting those eye-lines, this will prove to be a life-savouring experience.

There will be an expert guide in that same boat looking after the travellers and also pointing out the main attractions such as Tower of London, The Coco-Cola London eye and also the Tower Bridge.

Go ape Trent Park

People who are travelling with family and kids, this is the place to enjoy. This park has the reputation of having the most number of tree top adventures in the world. The Go Ape Trent Park has several zip wires and high ropes where kids and even parents can take Tarzan swings. Plus not to forget, this park is also said to have the best skateboard zip around.

The London Bridge spook

For people who love to get spooked, the arches that are situated under the London Bridge is the place for them to be. It delves into the historical underworld city, where one would come to learn about the most terrible crimes and killings that took place. Plus visiting the tombs will also test the travellers’ nerve. So those who think that they have what it takes, this is their option.

The famous Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre

We couldn’t really leave this one out. Even if you are an adventure lover, you sure wouldn’t want to miss out on this part of London’s history.

Talking about London and not mentioning the iconic Globe Theatre is not done. Travellers who love their literature can visit the masters'(Shakespeare’s) theatre where he enacted some of his greatest plays that changed the course of English literature. It is set on the Thanes River banks and is another one of the focal attractions of London.